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Greenhouse Tunnels South Africa Company specialises in the manufacture and sale of purpose-built greenhouses South Africa for educational facilities, government organisations, Commercial Farmers, Private Individuals and  other research-based industries throughout South Africa.

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Having been in the greenhouse industry for more than 15 years and kept up with technology and customer requirements, we feel that we have the credentials to take greenhouse environmental control and availability to a new level. We are proud of the reputation we have earned over the years for our quality products and our customised service – we ensure every greenhouse that leaves our premises meets the exact requirements of our clients; that it’s complete and ready to use. Greenhouse Tunnels South Africa Company greenhouses are used for all applications incl. propagation, flower growing, produce farming, hydroponics & nursery. All of our greenhouses are constructed of a framework of high grade, galvanised steel. Strength and durability is guaranteed by using heavier gauge steel legs concreted into the ground, arch bars, bracings and gutters. Functionality is the key when designing your greenhouse. Many options are available including ventilation, winch operating systems and internal thermal screens. A range of plastics from 150 to 210um is available to suit all horticultural and agricultural requirements. Plastics and shade cloth is fixed using an advanced spring clip system. The system speeds up the construction process, and enables fast repair, replacement or disassembling for relocation.

Greenhouse Tunnels South Africa Company has a very good reputation for innovative design and construction and has installed several Greenhouses with the following qualities:

  • Superior design and construction. Greenhouse Tunnels South Africa Company unique design delivers superior strength and durability. There is no other Greenhouse that comes close.
  • Adjustable opening roof vents provide adequate ventilation and temperature control.• Smooth sliding and swing doors which incorporate a stainless steel bearing roller system – runs effortlessly on it’s track for years.
  • Unique rainwater gutter system for collecting rain water.
  • With a huge range of sizes, there’s a greenhouse to fit your site and suit your growing needs.
  • A wide range of quality accessories to compliment your Greenhouse and suit your growing requirements.

The main advantages of the greenhouses are:

  1. Good distribution of light inside the greenhouse. The greenhouse covers have the ability to change the direction of the sun’s rays, thus evenly distributed over the entire surface, benefiting the entire greenhouse and avoiding the sun’s rays directly to the plant.
  2. Energy efficiency. Takes advantage of the environmental conditions, such as optimizing the heat inside the greenhouse.
  3. Control of microclimate. One of the main advantages of a greenhouseis to control and establish the optimal environment for cultivation. You can adjust the temperature, humidity, lighting, etc.
  4. Protection against diseases, pests and other vermin. Another advantage of a greenhouseis that it is very difficult to enter as it is a closed space.
  5. Excellent ventilation. You can ventilate the greenhouse quickly, thanks to their zenithal or side windows.
  6. Optimum sealing against rain and air.
  7. Increased production. This is a great advantage of a greenhouse, can intensify production due to weather conditions, can accelerate the growth of the plants and also allows a greater amount of crop on the surface.
  8. Production off-season. Thanks to the environmental control of the greenhouse can produce off-season, therefore we will have a better sale price and a continuous supply of the product.
  9. Production in regions with adverse weather conditions.
  10. Ability to grow all the year. You can get more than one crop cycle per year and different species of plants.
  11. Optimizes the use of other technologies to facilitate the management of climate (heating, humidification, shade screens or saving energy, etc.)